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Welcome to the RMS Community! I have been debating for quite some time as to whether or not I should create a place for my dedicated fans to gather. The decision has been made, so here we are.

The truth is that I feel a high level of disconnection inside of our current social media universe. The context and nuance that I strive to communicate - personally and musically - isn’t compatible with the methods by which these platforms are designed to function. We can have a new space to see and hear what we’ve been missing. Here and now.

RMS Community members will instantly acquire my entire back catalog on Bandcamp (18 recordings to date), while having access to exclusive albums, demos, B-sides, live recordings, private listening sessions, in-studio videos, instructional material, Q&As, and more. The potential here is exciting, as we can explore different mediums as it develops (a podcast, writing essays, and guest collaborations are among my personal interests).

Upon creation, I was given the option to select for either a monthly or yearly payment model, however, I am not allowed to choose both. Although I realize the potential sticker shock of the latter, it is truthfully what will go the furthest in funding new projects at this moment. With my first North American solo tour just around the corner (supporting The Pineapple Thief!), my life and work is about to move into some uncharted territory. It would be great to have you here on the journey.

Thank you - Randy

P.S. Bruford the dog is our moderator.

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Randy McStine
New York, New York
Welcome to the home of all things Randy McStine!

Randy McStine is a guitarist, bassist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer.

Randy has recorded and performed with a diverse list of talent, including members of King Crimson, Tears For Fears, Porcupine Tree, Miles Davis, and Joe Satriani.

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